Thursday, August 2, 2007

W. M. Jordan Intern Set To Go Back To School

Noah Abrhams, an intern with W.M Jordan assigned to the aquarium project, will be returning to school in about a week. His last day at the job site will be August 10th. Noah, a 19 year old sophomore at Virginia Tech is from Matthews, VA. He's majoring in building construction. This is his first summer with W.M. Jordan and he spent the past two year framing custom homes. When he's not under the watchful eye of Chuck Arthur, Noah spends his time on the water wakeboarding and fishing, he also snowboards in the winter months. Upon graduation Noah hopes to obtain a job in the construction industry and, in his words, "hopefully become a great superintendent like my hero, Chuck Arthur." - sounds like a grade or two weighs on an eval from Chuck! If you get a chance wish Noah good luck as he starts his second year at Tech!

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