Sunday, September 30, 2007

What's Next?

W.M. Jordan crews will put up temporary walls in the lobby area the week of October 1st to block off the old store so that the new admissions and Guest Services area can be built. Opening in early 2008, the new admissions area will be the last area turned over to the aquarium until Fall 2008.

Favorite Exhibits Find New Home!

Many of the interactive exhibits that were located in the galleries that are now being renovated have been moved to other areas of the aquarium. The large wave tank, a favorite of school groups, was moved last Spring to the Promenade hallway. Last week employees of Hardwood Concepts installed the cabinetry for the wave tank - just in time for several facility rental events! Tim Scott, Curator of Scientific Exhibits, projected that the exhibit should be fully functional in just a few weeks.

Red Sea Aquarium Area Takes Shape

As piling work for the red sea aquarium nears completion work on the 2nd floor service area has begun. Steel support beams for the 2nd floor can be seen in the upper right of the photo below.

New Store Opens!

The new aquarium store opened on September 28th. Although Ruth Ann is still waiting on a few fixtures the new store looks great! Special thanks to Chuck Arthur and John Gresock who picked out the fabric that is being used to line the jewelry cases (you guys have quite the eye for color!)

Stop by and visit or, better yet, buy something!

"Signage" Added to Help Guests Navigate

In response to guest feedback the aquarium's signage team met to review guest flow and navigation through the areas being renovated. Several large signs were added to help guests find their way.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

W. M. Jordan Intern Set To Go Back To School

Noah Abrhams, an intern with W.M Jordan assigned to the aquarium project, will be returning to school in about a week. His last day at the job site will be August 10th. Noah, a 19 year old sophomore at Virginia Tech is from Matthews, VA. He's majoring in building construction. This is his first summer with W.M. Jordan and he spent the past two year framing custom homes. When he's not under the watchful eye of Chuck Arthur, Noah spends his time on the water wakeboarding and fishing, he also snowboards in the winter months. Upon graduation Noah hopes to obtain a job in the construction industry and, in his words, "hopefully become a great superintendent like my hero, Chuck Arthur." - sounds like a grade or two weighs on an eval from Chuck! If you get a chance wish Noah good luck as he starts his second year at Tech!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Store Nears Completion

With just a few weeks until the soft opening the store is starting to really take shape. Most of the dry wall work has been completed and it should be painted this week. Ruth Ann's staff and volunteers needed some space to do pricing and merchandising so Chuck Arthur and John Gresock came up with a plan and turned an area that won't be built out for a while into a work space. Thanks Chuck and John!