Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Store Nears Completion

With just a few weeks until the soft opening the store is starting to really take shape. Most of the dry wall work has been completed and it should be painted this week. Ruth Ann's staff and volunteers needed some space to do pricing and merchandising so Chuck Arthur and John Gresock came up with a plan and turned an area that won't be built out for a while into a work space. Thanks Chuck and John!

WOW! Now, that is cool!

Chuck's crew has been hard at work removing concrete so that the pilings which will support the new red sea aquarium can be installed. The pictures below show the opening that was made in the original exhibit gallery. The last picture is a shot of one of the pilings that's already been installed.

Bye Bye Weather Deck, Hello New Exhibit Space!

Rest Rooms Taking Shape!

All the plumbing work has been completed and drywall is going up. Tile work will be completed this week and the new (and improved) restrooms should open up at the end of this month! Pictured below is the women's rest room.

Cable Tray? - GREAT IDEA

Although the original plan called for conduit to be installed in the back service hall for cable runs Claude (electrical foreman) from L.E. Ballance Electrical suggested a cable tray. The sub contractors working on a/v issues as well as the aquariums operations staff and scientific exhibits staff are all very happy with the recommendation! It will make everyone's life much easier. THANKS CLAUDE. To learn more about the electrical subcontractor visit their website at: www.ballanceelectric.com